For Julep, her world, and way of life were shattered when her owner died. Julep, who turned 18 years of age just before her owners untimely passing, was shuttled around from family member to family member, all of whom declined to care for her, because of the “lack of resources available,” according to Washington, D.C.’s Humane Rescue Alliance, who eventually took her in.

And so Julep languished behind at the Humane Rescue Alliance for months waiting for someone to take a chance on her. At 18, she had the odds stacked up against her. Senior dogs are mostly overlooked at shelters because shelter patrons sometimes think that they are too expensive to care for. With age comes things like medical expenses, and a whole host of issues that some people want to shy away from.

The Humane Rescue Alliance got to work, rolled up their sleeves, and posted frequently to their Facebook page to try and drum up interest for their beloved Julep. Help came in the form of a man named Wayne Lerch who had heard of her story and wanted to help.

Lerch, who was in the market for a pup after his 11-year-old dog passed away, arranged a meeting with Julep. As fate would have it, it was an instant match, as the two hit it off instantly, as if they were friends forever. Lerch documented the moment he left the shelter with Julep, to begin their new lives together:

Upon meeting Julep for the first time Lerch said,

“I couldn’t let her spend one more night in the shelter. She’s saving me as much as I’m helping her.”

Lerch has since renamed Julep, Tootie, and says that she is adjusting well to home life apart from the shelter. Although he is aware that he may not have much time left with her, he promises to cherish every moment he has with her, so that Tootie knows that in her golden years, there was caring people at each step of the way, who sacrificed to ensure her happiness.




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