At Fido4ever, we love Dogs, Cats, and every animal our great creator has made.Founded in 2013 Fido4ever seeks to bring you the latest in Dog training tips, Cat care, Dogs in the news, viral video’s, and all the cool things animals do.  OK we’ll admit it, we love Dogs! A lot and we hope you do too!

The legend of Fido is that he stood by his owner when he died, and barked viciously at anyone trying to get near him.He was loyal until the end, and we are too.That is why we never share your information with anyone and do our part to protect your privacy at all costs.  We appreciate you taking time out of your day to read our posts on everything ranging from Dog care to the latest viral videos. Animals are our friends. They are our connection to this world. Do your part in reporting abuse and neglect of any kind to the ASPCA, and remember to donate your time, and if you would like your money to help an animal in need of safety, and a place to live. To learn more about  Fido4ever you can contact us at 774-243-6766 or e-mail

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Eric Smith at present is the Editor and chief of the fido4ever blog. If you have a story you would like to share, e-mail him at