I would like to introduce you to Buster, a young pup who lives in Dublin, Ireland. Buster, as loving and humble as he is, has a tender heart for a special someone, that lays elsewhere.

It all started back in 2013 on Irelands Dingle peninsula, when Buster’s owner, and best friend Traolach Ó Buachalla, took the pup out on a special walk. That’s when Buster bumped into a disarmingly charming Donkey named Jack, who just happened to be hanging out in a nearby field.

Buster and Jack hit it off immediately as Buachalla recalls,

“The first time they met, they were just so friendly to each other.”

After binding for a short time, Buster and Jack went their separate ways, and time as it usually does pass on by. But Buachalla never forgot the encounter, and was so touched by it, he told his friends back home, and they couldn’t believe it.

The next time Buster and Buachalla took a holiday, they were sure to visit the peninsula again, and as fate would have it, Jack and Buster recognized each other instantly. Their bromance picked up right where it left off, and this time, Buachalla was quick to pull out his phone and capture the entire thing on camera.

Buster and Jack seem to keep a thriving friendship alive, in spite of their distance. Buachalla, says he is surprised by Buster’s reaction because the shy pup, rarely gets excited when he sees other animals. Buachalla quips,

“It’s very sweet. I have no idea if this is normal for donkeys, but my dog is rarely so interested in other animals as he is, in particular, with Jack.”

On the last visit to his friend, Jack introduced Buster to his new mate Jill, and by the looks of the video below, I am sure he told her all about his best bud.  Wishing Jack, Jill, and Buster all the best!



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