Lucky was clearly in distress, and weaving in and out of consciousness when police responded to a mall, popular with the locals, after receiving a call that two men were switching tags in a department store. After arresting the two suspects, and charging them with theft, police officers soon turned their attention to the car owned by the suspects and were heartbroken by what they discovered.

Inside the car, they found heroin, and drug paraphernalia littered across the back seat of the car. Officers believed that Lucky, a three-month-old pup, may have accidentally ingested heroin. Jolene DeVito, spokesperson for the Carrollton Police Department said,

“He was extremely lethargic — almost comatose — and was basically limp.”

Police quickly called in the Carrollton Animal Services, who rushed to the scene and took a lifeless Lucky to the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic, and emergency medical facility that was equipped to handle Lucky’s dire condition.

They had to move quickly because Lucky was slipping away as precious minutes passed by. The signs of opioid overdose were apparent and after a blood test confirmed the presence of heroin in his system, doctors got to work by reversing the effects the dangerous and toxic drug was taking on his body.

Unfortunately, due to the opioid crisis gripping this nation, staff at the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic see overdose cases like Lucky’s at least once a shift and so they knew exactly what to do.

Dr. Stacie Fowler of the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic said,

“We administered a dose of a medication called Narcan that is a reversal for opioid overdose. He responded very positively with improved mentation (alertness) and improved breathing and heart rate. After about 24 hours, Lucky had returned to normal. He had a few fleas but otherwise seemed healthy.”

Lucky bounced back and surprised everyone who thought the worst might happen. Once he was well enough, the precious pup was brought back to the Carrollton Animal Services.

Once Lucky improved, he transformed into the happiest, most well-behaved puppy who greeted staff with all the love and joy one would expect from a young and vivacious pup.

Due to the media coverage of Lucky’s story, there was an intense interest from families all over Texas wanting to adopt him. The shelter decided to hold a lottery, inviting all the applicants to the facility for a live drawing in what they called the Lucky “sweepstakes.”

However, one little girl stole Lucky’s heart and it was hard for him to let go of the bond they instantly had. There was a man who actually won the drawing, but didn’t want to steal the joy from the little girl’s heart. And so in a touching gesture, he gave her his winning ticket and Lucky got to go home with her.

Lucky started out his life in the worst possible predicament. Now that he has a loving forever family to call his own, we can only expect a bright future for a dog who nearly lost his life over something so senseless. Charge forward Lucky!










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