A 10-yearsold, all Winston the bulldog ever wanted was his favorite stuffed toys. In fact, Winston can’t do anything without his favorite toys and that includes going to the bathroom, going outside, and of course, going to bed. Winston loves his toys.

Becky Smith, Winston’s mom, knows all too well the habit her beloved pup can’t break saying,

“Winston is very attached to his toys,” Becky Smith, Winston’s mom, told The Dodo. “His favorite toys are his duck and bear. He carries them outside with him almost every time and has done this for many years.”

When Winston forgets to bring his toys outside, he panics and immediately runs into his crate to include them in his playtime routine. Becky thinks that his toys offer him somewhat of a security blanket, keeping him safe from and calm.

Winston’s parents have to buy him toys that have long beaks and noses because he likes to suck on their beaks and noses, the same way a kid might suck on his thumb.

In addition to his toys, Wilson also enjoys long rides on his wagon, stealing food, and eating apples, carrots, peanut butter, and sweet potatoes. Winston has quite the life in deed.

Beck continues,

“He uses his underbite to pry open the door. We’ve since installed a latch to keep him out but he’s too stubborn to stop trying.

Winston is one happy dog, with loving parents who care for him deeply. It is so nice to see that in his golden years, he is enjoying all the creature comforts that his wonderful life has to offer. Godspeed Winston.



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