An ailing, emaciated pup found roaming the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, is getting the second chance he never saw coming. Thanks to a good Samaritan who spotted him and took action, the pup, whose name is Clifford, will live.

Clifford was taken to Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N.), where he is being treated for a multitude of ailments ranging from a fever, malnourishment, and a fungal infection. His former neglectful owners, who investigators are working to identify, never went out of their way to feed him, and so Clifford is severely underweight.

In spite of his weakened medical condition and physical deterioration, Clifford is fighting with everything he has. M.A.I.N took to their Facebook page to update their fans on his progress saying,

“The nice people at the hospital have given me medication – good stuff! They’ve also given me fluids and some yummy food that’s helping me get my strength back. They told me that the blood tests confirmed that I have two icky diseases caused by ticks that I will have to be on medication for at least 30 days. (I hope it’s more of that good stuff.😉) I’m very anemic and I’m hoping I don’t need a blood transfusion. They are still waiting on the results of something called Valley Fever. Whatever that is, I hope I don’t have that too!”

The good news for Clifford is that once he is well enough, he already has a foster family, and then forever home lined up. He has suffered, and thanks to the help of so many who refused to give up on him, he is receiving the gift of life this holiday season. God speed Clifford.💕❤




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