Rollins (Left); Heng (Right)

For Fayetteville, North Carolina residents Marinna Rollins, 23, and her boyfriend  Jarren Heng, 25, the days are not going to get any easier, after they were charged with felony animal cruelty, and one count each of conspiracy, in the fatal shooting of an emotional support dog. Both Heng, and Rollins were taken into custody by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, yesterday, where a judge determined bond for Heng to be in lieu of $5,000 and a staggering $25,000 for Rollins.

Camboui (right) moments before his execution. He is being held by Rollins

The pair is accused of leading the pit bull pup named Camboui, to a desolate, wooded area in Fayetteville, where they tied him up to a tree. Feng, who was alleged to be videotaping what would turn out to be the dog’s execution, then focuses the camera on Rollins who pulls out a firearm and begins firing at the pup.

The video described by authorities as “sickening,” was then posted to an undisclosed social media account owned by Rollins, in which she was alleged to captioned it with the title:

“It’s been real… I love you, you’re my puppy, you’re a good puppy, but.. “

A Facebook page titled Justice For Cam was set up to help raise awareness, and money for the pup who was senselessly struck down before his time. Before being trained as an emotional support dog, Camboui was surrendered to the Cumberland County Animal Shelter, where he languished for months until he was given an opportunity of a lifetime.

Camboui during his intake at the Cumberland County Animal Shelter

Camboui was rescued by an organization, that trains dogs to help United States Military veterans cope with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Camboui was given to Rollins as a gift from that organization after a thorough background check was completed. Camboui was described as a sweet-tempered, loving dog who was obedient, kind, and perpetually upbeat.

May justice be served in this case….👮🏽





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