For 51-year-old Malikah Shabazz, and her 19-year-old daughter Betty Shabazz, the days are not looking any easier after the two were charged with felony animal cruelty. According to the Prince George’s County Sherriff’s department, both Shabazz and her daughter were pulled over for speeding, inside of a rented U-haul van.

A sheriff’s deputy approached the car, to warn Shabazz of the speeding infraction after he heard some noises coming from the back of the van. Soon afterward, the deputy ran the plates on the van and received information that it was reported stolen, from a Uhaul branch in Vermont.

Both mother and daughter were placed under arrest and charged with grand theft auto. Deputies soon began a search of the van after consent by Shabazz was given, and what they discovered can only be described as “deplorable” according to one deputy who wished to remain anonymous for this story.

Inside the back of the van were multiple pit bulls locked in cages, barking desperately to get out. Some of the pups, a total of seven in all, appeared to be malnourished, and emaciated. Police soon upgraded the charges and added on felony animal cruelty for both Malikah and Betty, in addition to grand theft auto.

Malcolm X With Muhammed Ali

Both Malikah and Betty Shabazz are related to civil rights pioneer Malcolm X a Muslim minister and human rights activist. Born, Malcolm Little, X was most famously known as a fiery leader for the Nation of Islam, a religious group based in the United States. Unfortunately, he was struck down in an untimely fashion in February of 1965, by an armed gunman.

All the dogs involved in the incident have been transferred to a local no-kill facility, where they are being medically evaluated. As soon as they are well enough, they will be placed up for adoption. As for the mother and daughter duo, a judge has denied both bond this time.



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