In Gafney, South Carolina, William Wendell Harpe III, 32, is in serious trouble after he allegedly duct-taped his dog’s muzzle, and legs, before posting a picture of it to the mobile social media platform Snap Chat.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office was asked to investigate the incident, after one of Harpe III’s followers reported the incident to police. Investigators descended on Harpe III’s home and began questioning about the incident. According to a police report filed in the case, he told deputies on the scene that he tied up the dog so that he wouldn’t “get bitten” after he was attempting to remove surgical staples from the dog’s ears.

Harpe III then allegedly told investigators that the dog’s ears were “professionally cropped” by a local veterinarian, however, after checking, they were not able to corroborate his story after medical records could not be found. With that, Harpe III was arrested, and charged with felony animal cruelty. As he was being led away in handcuffs, Harpe III reportedly told deputies that he was confident “all charges would be dropped” because he is a dog rescuer by trade, and loves animals.

Bail, nor a future court date has been set at the time of this writing. The dog is presently being held at a county shelter, awaiting the adjudication of the case. A judge has yet to decide where the pup, whose name has not been released, will live.







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