For North Little Rock, Arkansas native Annie O’Neal, 20, the days are not going to get any easier, after she was arrested, and charged with felony, animal cruelty. According to police, O’Neal, who owns a “boutique” pet sitting service, allegedly assaulted one of her clients, for reasons that were undetermined.

According to authorities, O’Neal then allegedly grabbed the dog of her client and threw him down a five-story balcony after shouting obscenities. The victim, a 65-year-old man, says he is not aware of a motive and was friendly with O’Neal in previous encounters.

Police questioned a distraught, and temperamental O’Neal on the scene, and she claims to have tripped over something while holding the dog, leading to his fall off the balcony. The police, who did not believe her story, arrested O’Neal on the scene without incident, after they found her story to be filled with “inconsistencies.”

As for the dog, no information has been released on his condition. At the time of this story, O’Neal is still being held without bail in a Pulaski County jail.




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