Watch: Dogs Meeting Babies For The First Time(The Internet is Melting)

Have a look at this adorable compilation of dogs and cats meeting babies for the first time. This is just cuteness overloaded.

Adorable Pup Picks Out His Own Treats, The Internet is Melting

Looking for a TGIF pick me up, have a look at this pup heading to the store with his owner, picking out his own treats. The internet is melting.

Watch: It’s National Puppy Day

Hey folks! Happy national puppy day…have a look at this video from our friends at Inside Edition, who put together this montage of puppies, well, being puppies! Enjoy!  

Street Dog Always Brings A Gift For The Woman Who Feeds Him

As someone who has dedicated her life to caring for the lost dogs of Thailand, Orawan Kaewla-iat finds the reward of helping these forgotten animals satisfying enough. However, for one dog who is so touched by her kindness, he took things a bit further to show…

Watch: Adorable Dog Refuses to Eat Unless Food is Placed Right in Front of Him

Well, to say that this pup is spoiled is an understatement. Watch this video as his owner gives him his dinner, that he refuses to eat unless one condition is met.

Pizza Delivery Driver Drops Everything To Rescue Lost Dog

Steven Donovan was out one day doing what he normally does on the job, delivering pizza’s when all of a sudden, he saw something strange. As he was about to turn onto a major road, he witnessed a dog dart right in front of…

Television Doctor Reduced To Tears As He Pays Tribute To His Dying Pup

If any of you have watched the popular syndicated television show The Doctors, I am sure you are more than familiar with the star of the show Dr. Travis Stork. Stork’s colleagues of the show heard about is ailing pup Nala, and decided to…

Homeless and Frightened Shepherd Living on The Streets, Gets The Rescue of a Lifetime

For a shepherd pup named Mozart, after he had been let down most of his life, fear crept into his heart when Eldad Hagar, of the venerable Hope For Paws organization, got the call for help. Mozart had all but given up on trusting…

Adorable Pup Found Alone in A Car, Nearly Overdosed From Heroin

Lucky was clearly in distress, and weaving in and out of consciousness when police responded to a mall, popular with the locals, after receiving a call that two men were switching tags in a department store. After arresting the two suspects, and charging them…

Beagle Tucks Baby Into Sleep, The Internet is Melting

Have a look at this beagle tucking this precious toddler to sleep. The internet is melting. Watch until the end as the toddler certainly returns the favor back!