Scared and Homeless Pup Living in The Woods, Gets The Rescue of a Lifetime

Tarzan was a homeless pup on his last legs had it not been for Hope For Paws, Lisa Arturo. It took some convincing, and of course, cheeseburgers to convince Tarzan that those who were there for him wanted to help and not hurt him,…

Homeless and Pregnant Pit Bull Living on The Streets, Get’s The Rescue of a Lifetime

For one homeless pit bull living on the streets of Los Angeles, time was running out. She was very pregnant, stranded underneath a towel, and needed medical attention for not only herself but her litter of puppies. Thanks to Eldad Hagar, the founder of…

Homeless and Injured Pit Bull is Scared of Rescuers, But a Cheeseburger Changed His Mind.

When Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar got the call about an injured, homeless pit bull who was roaming the streets of Los Angeles, he knew he had to help. The scared, and timid pup, who had more than likely never known true love…

After Her Tearful Plea Went Viral, Young Girl Reunited With Lost Dog

Madison Wallace, and her family got the happy ending, they thought they might never see. After the family dog went missing, Madison took to Facebook and made a heartfelt plea that was at times tearful. The video went viral, and as luck would have…

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Adorable Pup and His Donkey Keep Their Long Distance Friendship Alive

I would like to introduce you to Buster, a young pup who lives in Dublin, Ireland. Buster, as loving and humble as he is, has a tender heart for a special someone, that lays elsewhere. It all started back in 2013 on Irelands Dingle…

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Adorable Pup Picks Out His Own Treats, The Internet is Melting

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