Beagle Tucks Baby Into Sleep, The Internet is Melting

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Adorable Senior Pup Refuses To Go Anywhere Without His Favorite Stuffed Animal

A 10-yearsold, all Winston the bulldog ever wanted was his favorite stuffed toys. In fact, Winston can’t do anything without his favorite toys and that includes going to the bathroom, going outside, and of course, going to bed. Winston loves his toys. Becky Smith,…

Soldier Stays By Dying Pups Side Until The Very End

For Kyle Smith and his dog Bodza, all they had ever known in their lives was loyalty and devotion to one another. As Members of the United States Airforce, the duo was deployed together to places like  Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, where they spent 189…

Homeless Pup Hit By Car, Wags His Tails As Soon as He Sees Rescuers

Goldie,  a pup living on the streets of India, was a charming, lovable pup that made friends in the small community he resided in. Caring residents of his neighborhood would give him scraps to eat, and every day he would make a particular special…

Two Homeless Pups Abandoned at Industrial Park, Get the Rescue of a Lifetime

Boots and Babs were on the verge of planning a very glib future at an industrial park in Los Angeles when help came in the form of Hope For Paws, a rescue organization on a mission to give a voice to the voiceless. Hope…

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