Miami Beach Police are in hot pursuit of a cold and twisted individual who dumped an injured Yorkie in the trash bin parking lot of a Publix supermarket. Thankfully for the pup, an employee called the police, after she found the dog yelping for help.

Miami Beach Police officer Miami Police Officer Mariana Garcia released a statement on the incident saying,

“She was just lying on her side. She was not moving. She was yelping occasionally, and you could really see something was wrong. She was really hurt badly.”

According to a police report, the 6-pound dog, whose name was Lilly, was brought to the  Doral Centre Animal Hospital, in grave condition. A medical exam revealed that she had several broken ribs, a severely bruised neck, and hemorrhaging in the lungs most likely caused by strangulation.

Police describe the suspect as a heavy-set man, driving a red Toyota Yaris

The prognosis was looking good for Lilly in the first initial days of her emergency care, however, the injuries were too grave for her to overcome. Sadly, she passed away a little more than 4 days after she arrived at the Doral Centre.

Authorities are looking for a man caught on surveillance exiting a red Toyota Yaris in the Publix parking lot, with what appeared to be a brown bag before setting it down near the trash bin. Police believe the contents of the bag to be Lilly.

Miami Police surveillance footage of suspect

Police are asking anyone with information on this case to contact the Miami Beach Police crime stoppers at  305.471.TIPS.


Police have arrested Sigman Hernandez in connection with the death of Lilly, a dog he has acknowledge owing. Local Miami NBC affiliate has the story below:



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