Maya’s heartless owner didn’t want anything to do with her any longer, and so she mercilessly decided to dump her off at a local, Texas shelter where she awaited an uncertain future. But Maya knew exactly what was going on, and decided to protest. She dragged her feet as soon as they arrived at the shelter, refusing to budge for one moment.

That’s when her owner picked her up and had to carry her in the shelter to make the surrender complete. Sadly, the entire heartbreaking moment was caught on video, posted to Facebook, and thanks to it, Maya life would change for the better.

This video spread like a wildfire on social media, and throughout the internet, and it caught the attention of Stacy Silverstein, the owner and founder of New York City-based Rescue Dogs Rock.

Stacy was immediately moved and contacted the shelter as soon as she could to negotiate Maya’s release.

Maya was eventually released and Stacy took sole custody of her. Maya was brought to the Aldine Animal Hospital where a routine medical evaluation revealed a heartworm infection and other minor ailments that needed to be addressed. As soon as she is well enough, she will fly back to New York City, where she will have a foster home ready for her.

Maya, who is only two years old, was said to be still fearful of everyone, an indication that Stacy may think is a result of her not being treated well in her life.

Hospital staff is making up for that, by showing Maya the love, she may have never been shown in her life, and she is starting to respond to that positively. Hospital staff say she is even learning to walk on a leash willingly, something she refused to do. Progress is being made.

Silverstein knows that Maya, who faced a near uncertain future with dark prospects, will make a great addition to any family. If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever family she rightfully deserves, you can fill out an application at this link. Please keep this precious pup in your thoughts and in your hearts.






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