Pablo and his brother Picasso were born to a backyard breeder. When his breeder sold off all of his siblings to the highest bidder, he was left behind. Nobody wanted Pablo because he had a deformity on his face, that made him look “funny.”

Pablo, unfortunately, was born with a facial disformity where his right jaw twists to the left, and his muzzle sharply to the right. The condition is rare, and the major challenge it presents for him is when he chews. Because his teeth are misaligned, eating can be a challenge, however, other than that, he is a healthy dog.

Since the breeder was not allowed to successfully sell Picasso, he was brought to the Porterville Animal Shelter, in California, where he was examined, and quickly put on the euthanasia list. Coincidentally, his brother Pablo was also brought to

the very same shelter after his owners didn’t want him either.

Luvable Dog Rescue, a rescue organization based in Oregon, normally takes in dogs from the Porterville Animal Shelter. On their daily run to the shelter, shelter staff told representatives of the rescue of Pablo, and Picasso’s story.

Liesl Wilhardt, the executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue said,

“I was talking to volunteer Shannon Corbit about the dogs we were receiving and just happened to ask her out of the blue if she had any unusual-looking or special needs dogs. She responded, ‘Well, as a matter of fact, I do!’ and she sent me Picasso’s shelter intake photo. He was curled in a dog bed, and looked very sad. His twisted face was startling, but he had soft and gentle eyes, and for me it was love at first sight!”

As soon as Wilhardt had become aware of Picasso, she immediately agreed to take him in. And then, shelter staff told her that Picasso also had a brother named Pablo, who was also scheduled to be put down. Wilhardt knew she had to do something saying,

“I could not imagine leaving the brother behind to die, so I checked with Ashley, our Luvable manager, to be sure we had the space for both, and then told Shannon to pull them off the euthanasia list – Luvable would take both boys.”

Pablo and Picasso are like two peas in a pod. They absolutely love each other, and for the most part are inseparable. Wilhardt could never imagine that these two precious souls were about to meet their end, had it not been a simple question she asked.

Wilhardt continues,

“Picasso and Pablo seem to be the best of friends and are really upset when separated from each other. After watching them together for a couple of weeks now at Luvable, we think it’s in their best interest to be adopted to a home together.”

Pablo is said to be the more outgoing of the two, while Picasso is shyer and much more reserved. Either way, the two complement each other with their different personalities. Pablo seems to look up to Picasso in many ways.

Pablo still needs to undergo a surgical procedure, that will help correct his jaw alignment and teeth so that he can chew properly. The surgery is meant to improve his overall digestion so that he can handle chewing food more efficiently.

Once he recovers from his surgery, Pablo has a forever home lined up. For now, he is busy making his life as artful as possible(pun intended), now that he has a new lease on life.








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