When volunteers from the venerable organization Rescue From The Hart got the call about a starving dog who needed their help, they could have never expected how severe the situation was going to be.

Angel’s former owner had cruelly starved her for months, and it was by far the worst case of animal neglect rescuers had ever seen.

Angel was so weak and listless, that she could barely stand up on her own without assistance. Rescuers had to hold her upright just so she could take a few simple steps.

Volunteers knew that it was more than likely that she would die, and were quite pessimistic about her odds of survival. They had watched many dogs with less severe cases of malnutrition die before they ever got better. However, it didn’t stop them from trying with everything they had.

The first order of business was to feed Angel slowly and reintroduce nutritious, vitamin-packed foods back into her body.

And then, of course, there was the tender, loving, care component to her long road to recovery. Rescuers did everything they could to emotionally support Angel, to let her know that for the first time in her life, humans were there to help and not hurt her.

Slowly but surely, Angel got stronger by the day, thanks to around the clock medical care that gave her the push she needed to regain her strength. After a few weeks, Angel started putting on weight. Most importantly, she learned to trust humans once again, regaining the confidence stolen from an angry, vengeful owner who cared nothing for her. Things were looking up indeed.

By now, Angel, who just two months before was on the brink of death, fully recovered medically. It was nothing shorter than a miracle. 

Today, Angel lives with a forever family who was so touched by her story, that they decided to adopt her. Angel’s story was made possible by rescue workers and volunteers who refused to give on a pup, who clawed her back from tragedy.

Rescue From The Hart chronicled Angel’s incredible story in the video below:



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