At just 10 months of age, Kylo Ren got a rough start to his life, cutting his teeth at the West Memphis Animal Shelter, in Tennessee. Thankfully, rescue organization ALIVE Rescue Memphis stepped in and fostered him, saving him from an uncertain future.

However, Kylo’s luck would soon run out when he was fostered by ALIVE. Patrons to the rescue organization did not have a particular interest in him, and so he languished behind for almost a year, waiting to find a forever family that would take him in. No one could understand why

Finally, Kylo’s guardian angel came in the form of a family who heard of his story and decided to give the sweet-tempered, respectful pup the chance he was looking for.

Meghan Sweer had come to know about Kylo, after reading a Facebook post about him. She inquired about a meet and greet, and the shelter went out of their way to arrange for it to happen. In fact, a shelter staff member drove 4 hours to Sweers home with Kylo in tow so he could spend the night on what is dubbed a “trial night” in shelter parlance. Sweer wanted to make sure that Kylo was a great fit with her other dog, a corgi pup named Nellie.

One night is all it took for Sweers to decide on keeping Kylo for good as she gushingly quipped,

“As soon as they left he crawled into my lap, tucked his head under my chin, and started snoring like a chainsaw. From that moment my husband and I knew he was staying with us!”

Kylo fits in like a glove with the Sweer household, and as they say was a seamless fit. The only issue he had was navigating hardwood floors. According to Sweers, he humorously finds his way around the home by jumping from rug to rug.

As you could guess, Kylo, the sweet and compassionate pup is a big momma’s boy. Whenever she leaves for work. Kylo can be seen waiting by the door until she arrives home from work in the evening. Every single day he has been a member of the family, he warmly greets his mother with a hug and a kiss. Kylo is one grateful pup indeed.

Sweers continues,

“As soon as I sit down to take off my shoes he climbs into my lap to be held. If I don’t sit down for our cuddle time he follows me around with the saddest most pathetic look on his face until I give in and hold him.”

Kylo’s only mission in life is to love and be loved. He knows exactly how hard it was in his previous life when he was robbed of affection, and a family to call his own. Sweer’s continues,

“Many of our family members who were very prejudiced against bully breeds have changed their tune after spending time around him. He wins people over a bit forcibly … by climbing into their lap and falling asleep.”

We are wishing Kylo and his sister Nellie all the best in their future endeavors. To follow the pair on Instagram, check out this link.



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