For 22-year-old Lucas Van Orden, the days are not going to get any easier from this point forward after a Johnson County judge sentenced him to two years of probation after he was alleged to have kicked a dog during a grooming session at the Creature Comfort Veterinary Clinic in Iowa City, Iowa.

According to a police report, the dog, whose name is Jasper, suffered broken ribs, and a bruised lung as a result of the beating. The dog’s owner noticed a dramatic change in the behavior of the pup after he arrived home, and rushed him to the vet, where the near fatal injuries were discovered after a medical exam.

Armed with a medical report suggesting the cause of Jaspers injuries were related to deliberate trauma, the dog’s owner returned to Creature Comfort Veterinary Clinic with the police. Police questioned and subsequently arrested Van Orden, after he admitted to having an “altercation” with the pup.

Months later, Van Orden was offered a deal, in exchange for a guilty plea, after he expressed a “quick conclusion” to the events that “changed his life forever” according to verified sources. A judge accepted that plea, and sentenced Van Orden to two full years of probation, warning him to stay away from all animals for the duration of his sentence.

Justice has been done.





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