For Cortland, Ohio native Collin Macaulay, 19, the days are not going to get any easier from this point forward. Macaulay was found guilty on a charge of felony animal cruelty for beating down his now 6-month-old puppy in what prosecutors described as “senseless attack on a helpless animal.”

Furthermore, Macaulay will have the dubious distinction as the first person to be tried and convicted under the statute of a new Ohio law known as “Goddard’s Law” which gives authorities the option to upgrade all animal abuse charges in the state to felonies. As a result, offenders like Macaulay, who are convicted of animal abuse, face steeper fines, and longer jail sentences.

Macaulay fractured two teeth in the unnamed dog’s mouth prosecutors allege

Authorities alleged that sometime last year, Macaulay became enraged for undisclosed reasons, and began kicking and punch his dog, a young pit bull terrier who was unnamed in the arrest affidavit.

Macauly’s unnamed dog being held by a rescue worker

A neighbor and a good samaritan called the police to alert them to the abuse they witnessed, and Macaulay was arrested, and subsequently charged with felony animal cruelty. Police added another charge of witness intimidation after it was discovered that Macaulay threatened witnesses if they testified against him.

Facing a long trial, and even longer jail sentence, an emotional Macaulay stood before a judge choked with emotion and foreboding and plead guilty to all counts, his voice cracking as he spoke. Prosecutors offered him the plea deal after it was discovered that Macaulay had no prior felonies on his record, and posed no “serious risk to the public welfare.”

As for the dog, she is presently recovering from injuries that include a swollen muzzle, optical and skull fractures, and two fractured teeth. Macaulay is scheduled to be formally sentenced at the end of February. Justice has been done. 👮🏽



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