In Steubenville, Ohio, 35-year-old native Jessie Javins stood before a Jefferson County Judge with her head held low, and plead guilty to four counts of felony animal cruelty. Javins, who waited patiently as a judge recap the incident, and read her her rights, looked on stoically as various legal procedures were described, which included the ramifications of her guilty plea.

After discovering that there was no water running into her home, Javins hired a plumber to fix the issue. The plumber was stunned by what he discovered in the home, according to local NBC News affiliate WTOV9. He told the news station that he witnessed four dogs locked in oversized crates in a malnourished state, walking in feces.

Soon after he diagnosed, and fixed the problems in her home, the plumber tipped off police and Steubenville Animal Control to the deplorable conditions the four dogs were living in. Both agencies interviewed Javins, obtaining warrants beforehand to search the home.

Javins was subsequently arrested and charged with four counts of felony animal cruelty in January. To avoid trial, Javins was offered a plea deal she accepted and could spend up to 6 months in jail along with a fine up to $700.

As for the dogs, they are presently being held at an undisclosed rescue organization, receiving medical treatment. As soon as they are well enough, they will be placed up for adoption. Justice has been done.



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