The Carson Animal Shelter In Gardena, California is pain central. Simply put, Carson is a place you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

Dogs, cats, and other animals living in the high kill, cash-strapped, city-funded shelter are without proper care, and most importantly, without hope.

Carson is one of those places on this earth where hopes and dreams are traded in for hard living for the dogs and cats that call this place a temporary home. In fact, the word “temporary” must be emphasized because statistically speaking, most animals who enter Carson, very rarely get out.

For one dog named Blue King, he could tell you all about the politics of Carson if he could talk. His family didn’t want him anymore, and so after four long years of love and devotion, they dumped him at Carson without any hesitation.

According to my source at the shelter who wishes to remain anonymous, the family gave the reason that they were “moving on” to a new home in a new town, and Blue King wouldn’t be coming along for this new “chapter” in their lives. Sad indeed.

A Pet harbor listing for Blue King reads,

“My name is Blue king and I am described as a neutered male, gray and white Pit Bull Terrier.The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old.”

Fidonation, Blue King should be out and about enjoying his life with all the treats and toys that come along with a loving home. Instead, he makes a cold concrete slab his only comfort from the pain and rejection he is feeling right now.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever family he rightfully deserves, please contact the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566 and reference the shelter ID #A4492120.

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