Andrew Klein a volunteer firefighter with the Santa Monica Fire Department, in California is being hailed as a hero, after performing lifesaving resuscitative efforts that would save the life of a dog pulled from a burning building.

Billy Fernando

Earlier this week, a fire broke out in an apartment building and that’s when portrait photographer Billy Fernando just happened to be driving by. Fernando saw a small calvary of firefighters rush into the building, and he decided to pull over to the side of the road, to watch them work.

That’s when he quite literally witnessed a life being saved as he said,

“As I was standing outside, I saw the firefighter, Mr. Klein, running toward the curbside grass area carrying something. I didn’t know what it was at first, but then I realized that it was a pet who had been trapped in the fire. The dog was unconscious, limp and not moving at all.”

A vigilant Klein stood by the dog, whose name is Marley, and began to work.

Billy Fernando

After desperately trying to revive the dog with a respirator, that proved to be unsuccessful. A more desperate measure was needed, and that’s when Klein, again, went back to work. Fernando continues,

“Just a minute after, he began performing CPR on the pet without any hesitation. It was an awe-inspiring moment.”

Billy Fernando

Marley’s owner heartbreakingly looked on as Klein worked tirelessly to revive him. Fernando continues,

“She was watching it in horror. She was terrified the dog wouldn’t make it.”

Billy Fernando

Klein, who was visibly exhausted himself, wasn’t about to give up. A life was at stake and that meant he would do whatever it would take to bring Marley back to life.

Billy Fernando

Amazingly, after twenty minutes of mouth to snout resuscitation, Marley began to slowly come back to life. The pup, who survived a devastating building fire, was now breathing on his own, all thanks to a man who refused to let him go.

Billy Fernando

Marley eventually regained his strength to the point, where he was able to sit up on his own unassisted. His owner, who was visibly shaking by this time, was now overcome with profound joy that her pup was alive and breathing.

Although it may seem all in a day’s work for the heroic Klein, to those who witnessed the event, and to Marley’s owner especially, his actions mean the world.

Billy Fernando

Marley got to finally thank his guardian angel in person recently, with the encounter recently posted to the Facebook page of the Santa Monica-based Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

All pictures were supplied by Fernando. If you would like to see more of his work, please visit his website.



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