Earlier in the week, a Novo Horizonte, a Brazil police officer left his long and exhaustive shift when he witnessed a dog rummaging through the trash as if she were looking for something to eat. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in Novo Horizonte, and so the officer didn’t think much of it and went on his way.

The next day, however, he witnessed the same dog in the same spot, and this time around, she had something in her mouth. 

As the officer moved closer, he thought that he appeared to see the pup with a dead kitten in his mouth. However, as he got even closer, he realized that the surprise in her mouth was all the sweeter upon closer examination. The dog had actually been trying to rescue a small pup he found in the trash, and thankfully she was still alive.

The police officer immediately called animal control to come have a look, and the small pup was whisked away to a local animal hospital where he is presently receiving treatment. As the puppy was being led away, the older dog began to whine, as if she was certain she might never see her little buddy again.

Soon after the puppy was brought to the animal hospital, a foster family stepped up and are presently caring for her in their home. As for the heroic pup who is to credit for saving a life, things were about to change dramatically for her as well.

At the request of the family who took in the puppy, they asked the officer involved to find the heroic stray so she could play a pivotal role in nursing the puppy. After a few days, the dog was found and brought to the foster family who decided to adopt her on the spot.

Police are investigating the cruel owner who dumped the puppy in the trash and hopes to bring someone to justice for this awful crime. Two dogs who were left to fend for themselves, now have forever homes. That is the ultimate take away from this incredible story.








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