At India’s famed Kolkata district, a team of heroic street dogs is being hailed as heroes after they formed a protective barrier around an infant child who was abandoned by her mother. According to authorities, the baby, who was intentionally neglected by her mother who left her at Kolkata’s Howrah station before fleeing, was unnoticed for hours as commuters and other foot traffic were oblivious to the scene unfolding by the hour.

The dogs, on the other hand, sensed to know what was happening and as soon as they spotted the infant unattended, began working together to protect her. It wasn’t until the child began crying, that authorities were brought to her attention, and began putting the pieces of the puzzle of this tragic case together.

The dogs, who were all given food and water for their heroic efforts, were so protective of the baby, in fact, they followed law enforcement officials all the way to an awaiting ambulance, to make sure the child was getting the care she needed.

Authorities have no suspects in the case and have opened an investigation into the matter. We ask that you keep this child, and the street dogs of Kolkata in your thoughts and in your hearts.





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