On Tuesday, a dog named Hunter and his owner decided to go out on a routine ride together, a trip they have made countless times. Hunter, a Tacoma, Washington native, became so excited on the ride, that he jumped out of the window, as he was traveling with his owner, and landed in a ditch, over a steep cliff.

Remarkably, Hunter was not injured, but he was stuck and needed help badly to free himself from his new predicament.

Hunter was trapped on a precarious perch atop a heap of brush, barely clinging to hold on. Soon, Hunter and his owner were met by the Washington State Patrol, and they were about to confront a challenge, they were not ready for. Standing from where Hunter’s owner stood was a 10-foot drop, that they would have to scale, in order to reach the pup.

That’s when Troopers were met by a homeless man, who lived under the pass, who offered to assist in the rescue because he knew the terrain well. With little more than a makeshift rope, the man eventually made his way to Hunter.

Thanks to the man’s heroics, Hunter was pulled to safety and reunited with his owner.

Hunter was brought to the vet as a precaution and is said to be doing just fine after the incident, escaping with no injuries. As for the man, he left the scene quietly and did not leave his name. Perhaps, Hunter, had a guardian angel watching him the whole time.





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