Goldie,  a pup living on the streets of India, was a charming, lovable pup that made friends in the small community he resided in. Caring residents of his neighborhood would give him scraps to eat, and every day he would make a particular special journey to a man who fed him consistently every day.

On that routine trip one day, tragedy struck. Goldie was hit by a car and was fatally injured. As he lay on the street in agonizing pain, a good samaritan rushed to his side and called Animal Aid Unlimited, an Indian based rescue organization for critical assistance.

As rescuers approached him, Goldie was in pretty bad shape. However, they noticed something commonly unseen with the hundreds of injured pups they deal with on a daily basis. As they got closer to him, a fragile, Goldie started wagging his tail, as if he knew they were there to help and not hurt him.

Rescuers soon wrapped Goldie in a towel and shuffled him off to an awaiting van, where he could be brought to an emergency clinic for treatment. Goldie, through it all kept wagging his tail, so grateful that the kindness he had shown all his life, was being reciprocated.

Goldie was sedated with pain killers and antibiotics, to prevent infections and pain from the wounds he received. Doctors soon hooked him up to an IV drip to restore fluids lost from the blood he lost and began bandaging each and every single wound he sustained from the accident.

After a few days, Goldie, who was exhausted by this time, got stronger and stronger. Still limping, and in some pain, he still managed to wag his tail, hopeful that the accident that nearly claimed his life, was behind him.

After a few weeks, Goldie regained all of his strength, and remarkably, made a full recovery.

Goldie’s incredible story was captured in this short video below:

Good luck Goldie! We wish you all the success and love in your future endeavors. Stay charming good friend.



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