When Queenie’s heartless owners didn’t want her anymore, they quite literally through her out with the trash. The starving pup, who took shelter in a nearby shed near an abandoned home, went to find a quiet place where she could rest her head and prepare to exit a cold world, that cared nothing for her.

Or so she thought. Help came in the form of a good samaritan, who had noticed Queenie and immediately called animal services to help. Thankfully, someone at the shelter called in New York City based Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Co-founder of the venerable rescue organization Stacey Silverstein took to the rescue Facebook page and wrote,

“We have named this precious angel Queenie, because some day soon when she’s feeling much, much better, she will be treated like a Queen as a member of a loving family for the rest of her life.”

Queenie is presently being treated at a local animal clinic for a list of ailments that include malnourishment, anemia, and severe mange. Once she is well enough, she will be placed up for adoption. If you or someone you know is interested in donating to her care, please visit this link. Police have not identified Queenie’s former owners, and so as of now, an investigation is ongoing to determine her origins, so that those who treated her like this are brought to justice.

We ask that you keep this precious pup in your thoughts and in your hearts.





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