Nothing makes the heart sing more than to see people with great power and responsibility, give back to the community. Case and point is NFL wide receiver, Dez Bryant, of the Dallas Cowboys. The Pro Bowl receiver heard through the grapevine that local Dallas, Texas-based Lost Paws Rescue of Texas was holding a fundraiser, so he decided to step up in a big way.

As part of the fundraiser, Lost Paws Rescue set up shop in the lobby of a  PetSmart in Southlake, listing for sale a lunch bag filled with goodies for humans. Bryant happened to be in the store with his friends when a representative of the rescue organization told him about the great cause. Without hesitation, Bryant, an avid animal lover himself, paid in cash for the entire table of food.

A more than exuberant volunteer took to the rescue’s Facebook page to post the exciting news writing:

“Thank you to Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant for supporting Lost Paws Rescue of Texas. Dez purchased this entire table of pet food for the dogs in our rescue group.”

Dez Bryant makes play during a contest between the L.A. Rams and The Dallas Cowboys

NFL player’s, and professional athletes in general usually dominate the news cycles if it involves some sort of infamy, setting a bad example to the millions of kids who look up to them. It’s nice to see a trending story on the internet such as this, where a person of Bryant’s stature is using his fame and money to call attention to an important cause.






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