Feng (Right) with his attorney Todd Spodek (Left)

A former research analyst for a prestigious New York City investment bank who admitted to viciously attacking his now ex-girlfriend’s dog, and stuffing the pup down a building garbage shoot, is now volunteering at a local animal shelter, to make “amends” for the pain he has caused, according to his attorney  Todd Spodek.

Zheheng Feng, 24, pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of first-degree animal cruelty at the Manhattan Superior Court after he was arrested for the vicious attack on May 26, that left the dog, whose name was unreleased, dead. A necropsy of the pup revealed that she had been stabbed several times with a knife before she was beaten, and thrown down a building garbage shoot.

Feng’s New York City Apartment where rents can reach up to $4,000 a month

Spodek stood in front of the courthouse reading a prepared statement to the press who gathered at the court house saying,

“This is a tragedy for all parties involved, and Mr. Feng is taking proactive steps, including volunteering with animal cruelty organizations in an effort to put this matter behind him.”

Feng, a 24-year-old Chinese national living in the United States, stood quietly as his attorney spoke, and did not answer any questions by the throngs of reporters waiting for him outside of the courthouse.  Last week, Fengs employer Nomura Securities International, officially terminated him from the company, once they became aware of the charge filed by the district attorneys office.

Feng during his arraignment

According to an arrest report obtained exclusively by Fidoplanet, police were called to a penthouse apartment owned by Feng and his ex-girlfriend at 605 W. 42nd St. after a disturbance call was placed by a concerned neighbor. Authorities interviewed Fengs girlfriend on the scene, and she stated Feng had fled.

The next day, two New York Police Department officers arrived at Fengs work to question him in front of his colleagues and peers at his place of employment. A nervous Feng with his voice cracking said that he stabbed the small Yorkie in self-defense after it tried to bite him. Officers on the scene weren’t buying his explanation, and arrested Feng right on the spot, charging him with felony animal cruelty.

Prosecutors in the case offered Feng a plea deal of one-year imprisonment, fines, and a signed agreement that he would not own any animals for 10 years. Feng refused the plea deal and is expected to fight the charge. Feng is due back in court October 1, for a preliminary trial hearing. If convicted of the charge brought against, he could face up to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.





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