WATCH: Adorably Guilty Dogs and Their Hilarious Reactions

These dogs are just too guilty for words. Have a look at this adorable video.

One Year Old Shepherd Living In High Kill Shelter, Is Just Too Sad To Greet Shelter Patrons Anymore

Life at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter (SBAS), in San Bernardino, California, is tough to say and write the least. The dogs and cats trapped in the facility are given no more than a few weeks to find forever families before they are “humanely…

Street Dog Looking For a Quite Place to Die, Gets Rescue of a Lifetime

Thanks to Hope For Paws, this stray pup looking for a quiet place to lay her head and exit the cold world that cared nothing for her, is getting the second chance she rightfully deserves.

WATCH: Fluffy Pup Fills Room With Lots of Fur During Messy Trip to Groomer

Thanks to their extra thick coats of cozy fur, Samoyeds like Yogi stay very warm, insulated during the long winter months. During the warmer months, however, all that fur can be quite excessive, and annoying and so during the summer months, Yogi makes the dreaded trip…

Loyal Shepherd Surrendered To High Kill Shelter, Openly Wept As Her Owner Walked

When you think German Shepherd, the first thing that must come to mind is brave, loyal pup who would do anything to serve, and protect their owners. Shepherds are a fearless, high energy and intelligent breed that will stop at nothing to fulfill the wishes of their owners….

Homeless Pup Living In Kill Shelter, Who Spends Her Days Trembling in Fear, Is Formally Placed on Death Row

Life at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter (MDAS) in Miami, Florida, is no cakewalk to say and write the least. The dogs trapped in the facility are given just weeks, and sometimes even just days to find a forever family, before the unthinkable happens:…