Learn How to Leash Train Your Puppy

How to teach your dog to play dead. Timmy and Karma make it look easy but if you have any questions feel free to ask. More trick tutorials coming soon.

How to Treat your Dog Running in Circles

 Dog Running In Circles Behavior-Treament Anyone who owns a dog has seen the dog going berserk trying to chase down its own tail, running in endless circles. While this can be amusing for a small bit of time, if your dog is in a…

Why Does your Dog Tilt It’s Head?

It’s a classic dog move: Your pup hears something – a mysterious sound, a smartphone ring, a certain tone of voice – and suddenly her head tilts to one side as if she is contemplating what the sound wants from her. Internet videos of…

Catching Up With Smarty Jones

Remember Smarty Jones? We catch up with the #KentuckyDerby and preakness winner in this video.

Teach Your Dog or Puppy the No Command

Your puppy is like another member of the family and like babies, they need to be taught what is wrong and what is right. A fundamental training command that your puppy needs to learn is the “no” or “stop” command. This command is necessary…

How To Teach your Dog How to Fetch

Learn how to teach your dog how to fetch. This video explains just how to do this. It takes work and you can master it if you keep trying.