Teaching Your Dog how to Release a Toy

This video covers teaching your dog how to release a toy. Isn’t it quite annoying when you play with your dog, and for some reason they hate giving back the toy? Learn how to get it back! Teaching Your Dog how to Release a…

Police Drop Charges on Dog Caught Stealing

Shoplifting Dog Caught Stealing From Store Police in Clinton, , are happy to have a suspect in custody after a Wednesday crime spree took the local Dollar General by storm. Problem is, they can’t get him to talk.

California Highway Patrol Officer Rescues Dog

A California Highway Patrol officer rescued this pup shivering on the median of a busy interstate on Friday. This photo shared by the California Highway Patrol shows an officer luring the tiny Chihuahua to safety with a treat after he stopped his motorcycle along…

Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands

Teach your dog how to shake hands! Its not as hard as you think!

Meet Franklin the Duck

Meet Franklin the Duck! He is #cute spoiled and full of love. Watch this video. It is way too cute..

Is Crate Training the Way to Go?

“Private room with a view. Ideal for traveling dogs or for those who just want a secure, quiet place to hang out at home.” That’s how your dog might describe his crate. It’s his own personal den where he can find comfort and solitude…