Dolphin Stampede Overtakes Whale Watching Boat

Check this video out! A dolphin stampede overtakes a whale watching boat!

Teaching your Dog the Command Call

You’ll Need To Get This One Right The dog training come command is probably the most important obedience command you will ever teach your puppy or older dog. At some point in time you will no doubt rely on it to guide your dog away from…

Teaching Your Dog New Tricks!

Basic obedience should come first, but once you’ve mastered the essentials, teaching your dog a few tricks can be fun for you both, and gives you another way of interacting with him. Some tricks can also have a practical purpose, whether it’s helping to…

Teaching a Puppy How to Sit

Teaching your young puppy how to sit is an invaluable lesson, and can establish a good preciedence for other future behaviors. Watch this video to discover and learn more.

Funny Dog Video Compilation

A collection of the Funniest dog video’s we could find across the net! Enjoy

How to Discipline your Dog

As the epitome of naughty deeds, puppies have ways of driving their pet parents mad. You wake up to find the garbage on the floor and your socks and shoes shredded. You sit on the couch and your pal jumps on up with you,…