How Do Polar Bears Stay Warm?

Ever wonder how Polar Bears stay so warm in below freezing temperatures? This video explains how.

Nyan the Cat: In Song!

I must admit, this tune gets stuck in my head a lot! LOL Oh dear

Teaching your Cat to Ride in a Carrier

A cat carrier is a vital tool to have for emergencies, for traveling with your cat or for transporting him to the veterinarian. However, if your cat isn’t comfortable in his carrier, you’ll find it difficult or impossible to get him into it, and…

Teaching a Dog to Hand Target

Hand targeting—teaching your dog to touch her nose to your outstretched hand—is a fun, easy training project, and it proves useful in a variety of situations. For example, after you teach your dog to hand target, you can use this skill to guide her…

Just what is Catnip?

Interesting video. Did you know that more then three quarters of cats are effected?

Ultimate Dog Tease

This video is too funny and its only a minute and its only a minute some change long! Watch this! LOL