Worlds Ugliest Dog Dies

A New Jersey canine that was crowned the world’s ugliest dog in 2007 and later became the topic of a children’s book preaching acceptance has died. Elwood was 8. His owner, Karen Quigley, says the Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix died unexpectedly Thanksgiving morning….

Stop your dogs Whining!

Howwrroooooooo!!!! Sad, lonely, anxious or bored — dogs that aren’t happy when you leave can make a lot of noise trying to let you know! Separation anxiety takes many forms, and has many different levels of intensity. One of the signs can be a…

Tiger Attacks Dogs: Dogs are OK

Moscow Russia-A tiger has attacked several dogs in a village in the Russia’s Far East, while wolves have been preying on livestock at nearby farms, local officials said Tuesday. Responding to calls from frightened locals, gamekeepers found tracks left by a large tiger who had snuck into a village in the Primorye region on Monday…

Healthy Dog Food Alternatives

Just as with human food, good ingredients will go a long way toward giving your pet a long, healthy life. Healthy Home 2008, Spring 2008 Deciding what to feed your pet isn’t easy these days, especially after the FDA’s unprecedented pet food recall in…

Funny: Dog Video Compilation

Video you have to watch! LOL! this is a great compilation of the funniest dog video’s gathered from the internet!

How to prevent Your Cat from Clawing your Furniture

This Video Shows you how you can fight back and prevent your cat from clawing your furniture, and other valuable items. Fight back!