How to Prepare Your Dog for Spaying Or Neutering

When neutering a dog, it’s important to make preparations for the surgery and for the recovery process. Neutering is often the first pet surgery experience for an owner and the situation is made less frightening with proper preparations. Prepare a Dog for Neutering Surgery…

OK GO: White Knuckles

Amazing video you have to see showcasing, the choreography of dogs in a music video!

Curing a Dogs Depression

The true meaning of depression in dogs. Is it real? Does it exist? Can it be cured?  This video will explain it all!

Video: Funny Dog Video Compilation!

OMG, you have to watch this. This is too funny! You are going to laugh your socks off! LOL. Remember follow us on Twitter @fido4e

Curing a Bad Case of Doggy Breath!

Dog breath is much like humans. Eating garlic, a bad bone or too much of plaque in teeth are liable to cause canine bad breath, much the same way as in humans. Some dogs are predisposed to have breath that is worse than others. Knowing…

Video: Bird Preening a Cats Whiskers

Check out this video of a bird preening a cats whiskers. The cat at any given moment in time can swat the bird away and kill it. The cat exercises exceptional patience, and control. The bird is a brave soul! LOL!