So…Just what are Cat Hairballs?

What Are Hairballs? Most cat owners are familiar with the sight and sound of their kitty producing hairballs. Rid by vomiting, hairballs are common in cats and are usually a byproduct of feline hygiene. What Causes Hairballs in Cats? During a cat’s daily grooming…

The Best Leash For Your Dog

A Good Leash on Life   Like collars, leashes are available in many colors and designs from charming to chic. They are made of a variety of materials ranging from leather and nylon to hemp and metal. Size matters And as with collars, size…

Ever Wonder What its Like when Dogs Play at the Park?

View dogs at play from the perspective of a GoPro Camera. This is a really cool video you should watch!

Baby Plays with Little Baby! LOL’s

This is a funny video of a baby tiger imitating a little young one that has a tiger suit on. Perhaps they are long lost relatives? The baby tiger seems to think so! LOL

Interesting Piece on Jaguars in the Wild: Check out the Video

Interesting Piece on Jaguars in the Wild: Check out the Video!

Tips for Exercising Your Dog

5 Tips For Exercising Your Dog       Dogs need exercise. They don’t just want it, they need it. Some breeds in particular are bred in a way that guarantees they will have enough energy to pull a sled, herd sheep, or track…