For Pumpkin, guardian angles seem to follow her wherever she goes. After she was found roaming the streets, a good samaritan brought her to a shelter, where thankfully, she was fostered by a rescue organization that gave her a new lease on life. But recently, trouble seemed to creep its way back into Pumpkins life, and this time, someone too would have her back.

While she was out playing in the backyard of Hawkins County Humane Society, Pumpkin went underneath a storage shed, where she became stuck.

Shelter staff member Kennedy Margetjak said,

“I open the back door and call for her and her head pops out from underneath! I know something is wrong because she wouldn’t even come for treats! I walk out and her pregnant self is wedged underneath the shed and is struggling to get out but just can’t.'”

Poor little Pumpkin was in quite the little pickle and she knew it.

At first, shelter staff tried desperately to gently tug a by now, terrified Pumpkin, but her baby bump was in the way. Shelter staff didn’t want to risk it, and so they called on handyman Joey Arnold for emergency help.

Arnold used a jack to hoist up the shed, giving Pumpkin ample enough room to get out on her own. Pumpkin looked exhausted by the awkward ordeal, but certainly not ungrateful, as seen in this short video below:

We are more than happy to report that the shelter has sealed the opening underneath the shed to prevent something like this from repeating itself. As for Pumpkin, she could sure use your help. The shelter is looking for someone to foster or adopt her so that she can have her litter of puppies in a cozy setting. If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup a home, visit the shelter’s Facebook page.



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