In a shocking case of animal cruelty that hasn’t been seen in recent times, a cruel human with the evilest of all intentions, dyed the coat of his dog blue, before forcing her to drink solvent. Worse, a man claiming to be Carlos Manuel Jimenez, uploaded the photo to his Facebook account, hoping to exploit the pup for likes and follows.

Source: Metro UK

The incident took place in Morelia, Michoacan, an agricultural area in Western, Mexico said to be a desolate, rural area. Jimenzez, who was hoping to get a positive response from the photo, instead received backlash from people all over the world for the cruel photo and the heartless caption posted with it.

Source: Metro UK

Police eventually arrived at Jimenze’s home after learning of the post and seized the dog, named  Muneca (which means ‘Doll’ in Spanish). A medical examination revealed that the pup had ingested some type of chemical consistent in domestic cleaning products. Shortly after arriving at a local animal clinic, Muneca went into shock and fell unconscious. Doctors worked hard to revive her, but unfortunately, she passed away after resuscitative efforts failed.

So far, authorities have been tight-lipped with regard to charges, if any, that will be brought against Jimenzez.

Man who identified himself as Carlos Manuel Jimenez





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