Romio and Damian were living an abject neglect before a concerned citizen phoned in the Nassau County SPCA, to have a look at what would be one of their worst cases of animal abuse on record. Both dogs were dehydrated, malnourished, and were suffering from all kinds of medical conditions too long to list.

Both could barely walk, and were so malnourished in fact, that their ribs, and hips were exposed. It was safe to say that Romio and Damian had gone weeks without a substantive meal.

Nassau County SPCA

Both Romio and Damian crave attention, and so when rescuers showered them with more than they needed, their true personalities came out. Both pup, according to Maria Mora, can’t stop kissing each other, and the staff at the SPCA, as a sign of gratitude for rescuing them from the depths of despair.

Romio and Damian are also very fond of each other and never stray far apart from each other’s side. Whenever they take a nap or go to sleep, staff say the two like to get curled up in a ball and cuddle together. In fact, the two don’t ever fall asleep until they are touching.

As soon as they are medically cleared, Mora says that both pups will be placed up for adoption, where they will get the second chance they so rightfully deserve. If you or someone you know is interested in giving Romio and Damian a great home to live, please contact the Nassau County SPCA to learn more.




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