As someone who has dedicated her life to caring for the lost dogs of Thailand, Orawan Kaewla-iat finds the reward of helping these forgotten animals satisfying enough. However, for one dog who is so touched by her kindness, he took things a bit further to show his gratitude and love.

Orwan recently shared an account of a super grateful pup named Tua Plu, who, like clockwork, visits her home every day with his mother looking for food. Unlike other street pups who might just drop by to gobble up what she is offering, and then leave, Tua Plu always arrives bearing gifts.

Orwan took to her Facebook page to write,

“When he’s hungry, he will offer something to get fed. Every day he shows up with an object in his mouth — usually a leaf and sometimes a piece of paper. Before you feed other dogs, you have to feed Tua Plu and his mom.”

Check out the video below of the polite pup in action:

The video above has since gone viral in Thailand, and abroad, with Orwan receiving inquiries from people all over the world on how they might be able to adopt the pup and his mom. We hope that Tua Plu and his mother find a forever family soon, and ask that you keep both in your heart and in your thoughts.



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