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Photo Gallery: The Bigger The Dog, The Better

Ever hear the saying “the bigger the dog, the better?” These pet owners take that saying to heart, as you can see in this adorable photo gallery!

13 Hilarious Photos of Dogs That Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud

Looking for a laugh this Monday night? Have a look at this picture gallery we assembled of dogs being all too funny for words. It is just cuteness overloaded!  

18 Fluffy Pups Who Just Want to Give You The Cuddles

Have a look at this photo gallery we assembled of these fluffy pups who might want to give you all the cuddles…this is just cuteness overloaded!  

18 Pups Meeting Their Owners For The First Time

Watch these pup meeting their owners for the first time. It is just cuteness overloaded.

Photo Gallery: The Dogs Of Westminster 2017

Have a look at this photo gallery of the dogs of the Westminster Kennel Show 2017. It is just cuteness overloaded:

16 Adorable Dogs Who Are Just So Darn Happy to See You

If you have had a long day, nothing say relief like coming home to your dog, and watching how happy they are to see you. Have a look at this photo gallery of people who snapped the moment their pups welcomed them home.

Photo Gallery: Puppies Being So Darn Cute

Have a look at this photo gallery we assembled of puppies being well, too cute for words. Oh the things that make you say Awwwww…..❤️

Photo Gallery: Big Dogs With Even Bigger Hearts

Looking for a pick me up? Have a look at these big dogs, with even bigger hearts. It is just cuteness overloaded!

City of London Launches Worlds First Bus Tour For Dogs

For the first time in its storied history, the City of London is preparing to usher in a first when it allows dogs, accompanied by their humans, of course, free bus rides on double decker buses. The program, sponsored by UK Insurance company More…

As Obama Presidency Draws To a Close We Take a Look Back At First Pet Bo

For almost a third of my life, I have mostly only known President Barack Obama as the leader of this great nation we live in. Obama, who had never owned a pet before in his life, promised his daughters Malia and Sasha, that if…