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Watch: German Shepherd Puppy Sings With His Owner, The Internet is Melting

Nothing says adorbs quite like a German Shepherd puppy singing with his owner, in this way too cute for words video that is melting the internet. Enjoy!

WATCH: T-Rex Befriends Dog-The Internet Is Melting

OK so maybe this isn’t a real T-Rex depicted in this video, but it seems to be darn close. This adorable pup named Maymo isn’t phased and is cool as a cucumber when it comes to frightening things that might make any other dog run…

WATCH: Fluffy Pup Fills Room With Lots of Fur During Messy Trip to Groomer

Thanks to their extra thick coats of cozy fur, Samoyeds like Yogi stay very warm, insulated during the long winter months. During the warmer months, however, all that fur can be quite excessive, and annoying and so during the summer months, Yogi makes the dreaded trip…

Homeless Mother Dog Who Gave Birth In the Middle of Nowhere, Gets Rescue of a Lifetime

Lara appears to be a Pit Bull mix, and like most of these dogs, she ended up in the hands of the wrong people. No one knows who her owner was, but there must be hundreds of thousands of people so far that have…

The Week in Cute Dog Photos

Have a look a the week in cute dog photos. First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for their submissions. Secondly, if you want to showcase your pup, send us an e-mail to fidoplanet45@gmail.com.

Heroic Street Dogs Form a Protective Barrier Around Infant Abandoned By Her Mother

At India’s famed Kolkata district, a team of heroic street dogs is being hailed as heroes after they formed a protective barrier around an infant child who was abandoned by her mother. According to authorities, the baby, who was intentionally neglected by her mother…

People Are Sharing Photos of Their Pups All Grown Up and Its The Most Adorable Thing Ever

Have a look at the cutest Twitter posts we could have of people paying tribute to their pups all grown up. 1lb pooper to 7lb pooper pic.twitter.com/51XEJZIC5e — Ally Champagne Stone (@allycstone) June 13, 2017 She encouraged other Twitter users to do the same….

Military Dog With Terminal Cancer, Gets Hero Farewell

Hundreds of people In Michigan showed up to the memorial service, and official send off a brave military dog who committed three tours of Duty in Afghanistan, with the U.S. Marines. Cena, a 10-year-old Labrador retriever stricken with terminal leukemia was euthanized at the USS LST…

Abandoned Pup Dumped at Construction Site, Gets The Rescue of a Lifetime

An abandoned pup who was tossed at a construction site by his heartless owner, had no idea that his life could be stitched back together, thanks to the folks at Hope For Paws. Have a look at his incredible rescue video below:

Heroic Pup Sees Baby Deer Drowning-And Jumps In to Save Her Life

For Port Jefferson Harbor, New York native Storm, a young Golden Retriever, last Sunday, was like any old routine walk she took with her owner Mark Freely, when her attention all of a sudden turned to a baby deer on the verge of drowning. Without…