Madison Wallace, and her family got the happy ending, they thought they might never see. After the family dog went missing, Madison took to Facebook and made a heartfelt plea that was at times tearful. The video went viral, and as luck would have it, her beloved pup was finally discovered.

It all started when last Monday, Buddy, the family pup, escaped through a backyard opening, to go about discovering the scenes and happenings of Akron, Ohio, where the family lives. Unfortunately, Buddy was not wearing a collar, nor was he microchipped, making the task of ever finding him, almost impossible.

With all options of finding Buddy exhausted, Laurie, Madison’s mother, took to her Facebook account, to ask friends and family to keep an eye out for Buddy. That Facebook post was accompanied with a video, that featured Madison, who wanted to let everyone know how much Buddy meant to her.

Within days after the video was posted, Laurie’s message went viral, having been viewed an incredible 11 million times. Someone who happened to receive the post, spotted Buddy on the day he escpaed, and kept him in her home until she could be reunited with his family.

The woman contacted Laurie, and just like that, Madison, and her beloved Buddy were reunited.

Buddy’s story goes to highlight the importantance of microchipping your pets, in case things like this happen. Thankfully, Facebook saved the day once again, as it always does, and Buddy is back where he belongs: in the arms of Madison.



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