Vinnie is a true hero. He can’t wipe that grin off his face after chasing down two suspects, before they were eventually arrested. The police K9 who works for the Lancashire Police Dog Unit, knows that his work, led to the arrests, and is basking in his own glory in the picture below that has gone viral:


In the Accrington area of northwest England, police attempted to stop a suspicious van, before the two suspects pulled over to the side of the road, exited the vehicle, and ran across barren farmland. That’s when officers dispatched Vinnie who chased down one of the suspects and amazingly tackled him to the ground. Vinnie wasn’t done there; the determine pup searched for the other suspect who was located 600 meters away, and led his handler to him, before he too was arrested.


Vinnie’s handler, and other officers from his barracks are giving him the full credit for busting the two bad guys. They shared his story on their Facebook page, and thousands of people sent their congratulations to the brave pup.

This isn’t the first time Vinnie has been praised for his heroics. Last year, he found 3,000 pounds of stolen tools, and most impressive, he lead his unit to the stash in less than 2 minutes.


Vinnie is called the “silent assassin” by his colleagues at the Lancashire Police Dog Unit, however, he is known to be a true softy at heart. When he isn’t locking up the bad guys, he is said to love playing with his toys, doling out hugs, and kisses. Vinnie, you are a true hero. Keep up the work my good friend! ??



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