For 25-year-old Des Moines, Iowa native Christopher Vogel, the days are not going to get any easier from this day forward, after police have issued an arrest warrant for a crime so egregious, it left many in the community speechless.

According to an affidavit filed by the Des Moines Police Department, Vogel arrived at a relatives home unannounced, and sternly demanded they hand over the password to the wireless internet, so he could “surf the net” according to police. When they refused, Vogel allegedly threatened to assault the relatives dog, stating he would, “snap the neck” of the 12-week old corgi if they did not comply.

When they again refused, an allegedly inebriated Vogel kidnapped the Corgi, exited the apartment building, and snapped the neck of the pup before fleeing to an awaiting vehicle. Stunned relatives of Vogel called the Des Moines Police and rush to aid the Corgi who by now lay unconscious. Medical personnel was said to arrive on the scene and rushed the unnamed Corgi to a hospital where he, unfortunately, expired after resuscitative efforts failed.

Police soon turned their attention to Vogel, issuing an arrest warrant for domestic assault and battery, and one felony count of animal cruelty. By the time they arrived at his home, Vogel fled, leading police to issue an all points bulletin out for his arrest.

Police ask that if you or someone knows of Vogel’s whereabouts, to contact the Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa hotline at 515-223-1400. Vogel is to be considered armed and dangerous. Please do not approach him.



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