At the 1200 block of Park West Drive in Greenville, North Carolina, a raging fire consumed any and everything in its path. Thanks to the work of one 2-year-old German shepherd, his family is safe, all thanks to him. The pup, who immediately began barking once he smelled smoke, alerted his family to the fire, allowing them to scramble to safety in the thick smoke.

The dog, whose name is Riddick, was responsible for saving the Martinez family, and especially his daughter, who had become so disheveled, she became lost in the fire. Family patriarch Marc Martinez told local news station WFMY 2 News,

“My wife gets a phone call and it’s very very chaotic [cause] she has her on speaker phone and my daughter is very, very distraught she was screaming that the apartment was on fire.”

The young girl name Karina was able to make it out in time all thanks to Riddick. Riddick re-entered the apartment to search for his brother Polo, however, it was not meant to be. Riddick and Polo perished in the blaze, leaving the Martinez family heartbroken and saddened by their loss.

Riddick is a true American hero and his sacrifice will never be forgotten. We ask that you keep the Martinez family in your thoughts and in your hearts.



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