There is nothing quite like the betrayal of a friend or loved one, in this life that we live. After 5 years of love, loyalty and devotion, a young pup by the name of Grace, can attest to this sentiment after a betrayal so stunning, it paralyzed her emotionally.

Grace, who is presently enduring a kennel run at the notorious Carson Animal Shelter, a facility known for its high kill rate, was surrendered by her heartless owner because they were not “interested” in caring for her anymore. Grace, who is described as sweet, charming, and loving, can often be seen tucked away in her little kennel space, gently crying her days away, praying for a miracle she so desperately needs.

A Pet Harbor listing for Grace reads,

“My name is GRACE and I’m an approximately 5-year-old female Staffordshire. I am already spayed. Please find it in your heart to help me.”

Fidonation, if you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever family she rightfully deserves, please contact the Carson Animal Shelter at 310-523-9566 and reference the shelter ID #A5091746.

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